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Founded in 2004, Western I.T. Group is a full service computer consulting and design firm with a clear mission to deliver solutions to our clients' business challenges. Through our proven competencies, computer expertise and operating efficiencies we can provide your business with the proper technology infrastructure and business management tools to grow and succeed.

Since building our state of the art fibre-optic facility, we are able support any business needs our customers require, reducing their operational costs with our cloud services.

We were recognized as a Microsoft Hosting Partner. We have certified Cisco equipment, and we are also a Lenovo and Dell Authorized Reseller.

We make it our job to understand your business operating systems and application needs. We continually evaluate emerging technologies' risks and benefits so you don't have to.

In 2008 we launched our 'London Business Phone' brand as a service to our customers, providing various features and cost effective solutions to help customers switch their old telecommunication systems to Cloud Phone.

Working together with our established network of interconnected partners, we were able to extend our service and support to various locations. As a result we have built close relationships with small to large businesses. Our goal has always been one and same, offering personalized, courteous and professional service; no wait queues, no operators, no trendy cars, just service that keeps our clients coming back again and again.

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Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner
Cisco Networking Equipment
Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner
Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner

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